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The Party Plan Consultant Engine

Party Plan ConsultantAs a party plan consultant, I have come to understand clearly the powerful engine that drives all successful party plan companies.

We all remember the great childhood story about the little engine of the train that said: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . .” In the wonderful party plan model – there is an amazing little engine that drives that business, and therefore drives the long-term, sustainable growth of the company. Understanding that engine is critical to success using the party plan model – and critical to our work consulting with party plan companies.

The little engine starts right after a new independent sales representative in your party plan business enrolls. As soon as possible after enrollment, she holds her “grand opening party” – usually with the support and supervision of her sponsor (the person who enrolled her). The grand opening party fills the little party plan engine with its first tank of gas!

The grand opening party is usually held at her home, with all of her close friends and relatives to support her as she kicks off her new home-based business. Usually she gets a good turnout at this party because her friends and family want to support her. But it’s vital that she gets as many bookings for additional parties as she possibly can before guests leave her grand opening party. Here are the key considerations I have identified as a party plan consultant that drive the little party plan engine:

  • A full calendar means a full bank account for the independent sales representative. An empty calendar means she’s out of business.
  • At least two bookings from every party keeps her calendar full.
  • A follow-up phone interview per party with at least one attendee who is interested in starting her own party plan business will build her team and exponentially increase her income!

Next, fast forward a couple of weeks. The new independent sales representative is now doing the parties she booked at her grand opening. Her goal? Two bookings and one prospective new sales representative from each party. Several key things must happen.

First, attendees must fall in love with the product. Second, an enticing hostess reward program that is promoted will show how the evening’s hostess benefits, motivating purchasing and booking by guests. And third, new sales representatives must learn how to invite attendees to book their own parties. If the hostess reward program has a booking incentive, the sales representative has the necessary tools. Party plan sales representatives must learn to effectively plant “booking seeds” – comments she drops here and there to inform, educate, and invite guests to book their own parties. If she books two parties from her grand opening, and two parties from each of those parties, and two parties from each of those parties, and so forth – she will soon have too many parties, providing motivation to invite sales representatives into her business. Of course, where is the best place to identify and invite new sales representatives to come on board? At her parties! And the hostesses are some of the very best prospects. A good party plan consultant will make sure your training systems are built around these essential elements.

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