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Party Plan Consulting Success – Building a Clientele

Party Plan Consulting In our party plan consulting at LaunchSmart, we often find it is in the very small details that the very big returns are found.

Here’s an example:

It’s easy for party plan independent sales representatives (reps) to just plow forward from month to month, party to party, hostess to hostess – without remember this vital party plan consulting tip: they should be building a clientele! Each hostess and each guest should become a friend, and the rep should be developing her relationship with her growing clientele. She can do this through an e-newsletter, through text messaging, through her Facebook page – the possibilities are many.

When the company announces a new product line, when there is a special promotion of the month, when there is important and value-added information to convey – she must be able to reach out to this group for additional sales through her website or additional parties. Also, she should continue to communicate to her clientele how her business is progressing. She’ll never know when the light will turn on for someone from that clientele who will want to jump onto her team. In these ways, she becomes good at party plan consulting herself – helping to inspire others to join the cause.

Most party plan reps only go back to past guests and hostesses once or twice a year. This is such a tragedy! We are aware of a company that has had a 30% increase in sales just by introducing an e-newsletter customizable by all reps that they can push forward monthly to their clientele. The newsletter is “smart” and can report back to the rep who clicked through on what links so she can make followup calls and contacts. This is just good business. It puts more money in our reps pockets, and of course means a more profitable and stable company.

Party plan consulting is not so hard – it just consists of doing lots of little things right!

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