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Party Plan Startup Consultant Success – The Voice of Experience

Party Plan Startup ConsultantIn our role since 1988 as a party plan startup consultant, we have seen almost everything – from the very effective to the very ineffective. From our experience, here are just a few things to watch out for from among the many lessons we’ve learned.

When you are working with your party plan startup consultants, be sure to carefully design the “on-ramps” – the various enrollment options for new reps to join your company. Be sure that those options welcome those who just want the product at the best possible price, as well as those who want to earn an income. You’ll be surprised 5 years later – if you listen to your party plan startup consultant – at how many of your top earners started out not wanting to earn any income at all – but at some point the light turned on for them!

Be sure to use a professionally-designed compensation plan, and don’t let anyone doing party plan startup consulting talk you out of it! The industry is maturing, and party plan reps are shopping around. You must be competitive with your compensation plan. In addition, a qualified party plan startup consultant or compensation plan consultant must make sure you’ll be able to afford the payout as the plan matures.

In today’s world, be sure you use party plan consultants with expertise in Internet marketing. People have to be able to find you on the Internet. And you have to be putting your best foot forward using Facebook, twitter, blogging, forums and other social networks to spread the word about your company. This is not child’s play, and should be directed through party plan startup consulting.

Finally, be sure to remember that you must keep the rep at the center of all you do. Every corporate decision should be made considering the following question: “How will this impact our reps?” Teach your employees that they only have a job because the reps are out there booking, selling, recruiting – working hard every day. If you don’t have this culture, then no amount of party plan startup consulting sill save you!

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