Recruiting Distributors - The Importance of "Why"

As MLM Consultants over the years, we have interviewed tens of thousands of field reps and their customers, and we have served hundreds of thousands in a variety of ways in order to improve their growth experiences. We add our observations to those of the researchers and studies performed over the years. The reasons that people join as customers and field reps are summarized below:

Why people join as customers and field reps

•    Seeking job / income security
•    Extra income
•    Pay off debts
•    Fund college / school
•    Financial freedom
•    Residual cash stream
•    Retirement cash stream

Own Business

  • To own their own business
  • Reasons that some have given for not being able to start their own business previously or without your company’s opportunity, training, and duplicatable system

“I don’t have the money”

“I don’t have a college degree”

“I don’t have any knowledge in a special area or field”

“I don’t have any experience”

“I don’t know what kind of business to go into”

“I can’t give up my guaranteed income”

“I have 15 years invested in my current position”

“I’m scared and lack confidence”

“I don’t like sales”

“I can’t talk to people”

•    Sense of belonging / camaraderie
•    Recognition
•    To feel important & needed
•    To be empowered
•    Social interaction / associate with adults
•    For “the cause”
•    To have something of their own
•    Self-improvement / personal development

We have learned as MLM Consultants that knowing in general why people join should help you to lead your field reps to an understanding of why people join your company and to help discover each individual’s “why.” By nature, each individual has his/her own unique worries and needs, and when recruiters will take time to understand those, they will be taking the first step toward formulating a plan that will result in long-term value for the new recruit.

If someone wishes to join your company in order to get products at the best price— and nothing else—make it happen in a grand way. Give them the same attention to help get started as you give to those who join your company to build a business.  Both groups are essential to long-term success. As difficult as it can be, recruiting is a one-time deliverable. On the other hand, retention is the long-term objective that demands your full attention, your best skills and rigorous endurance.

If someone joins in order to earn extra income, help them to understand the path to achieving their objectives. Shorten their learning curves and train them to use the proven tools and systems for your company’s products and services.

Career-level builders are special and rare. Finding the right leaders who fit your culture and align with your company’s vision must be carefully nurtured. This presents the ultimate test of your ability to recruit to retain. Once you embrace this philosophy and allow it to become a cultural cornerstone, you will experience an increase in short-term and long-term retention.

In summary, three categories characterize most new field reps:
1. Get the product at the best possible price
2. Earn product for free by sharing the products with friends and family
3. Earn an income

Let LaunchSmart and its powerful team of MLM consultants help you to build a new MLM company that attracts and keeps MLM distributors for long-term success.

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