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Jonathan Gilliam, 17 years, Internet Marketing Dan Jensen, 33 years, Compensation Plan Design, Software Andi Sherwood, 15 years, Compensation Plan Design, Home Party Systems David Taylor (LaunchSmart Co-Founder), 10 years, Strategy, Planning, Sales, Recruiting, Fast Start, Field Communications & Retention Terrel Transtrum (LaunchSmart Co-Founder), 22 years, Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Software, Distributor Service, Field Training & Development Chad Hammond, 15 years, Branding, Sales and Marketing Tools Kevin Thompson, 10 years, Legal and Compliance Steve Richards, 13 years, Legal and Compliance

Recruiting & Retention Videos


Learn from Nicki Keohohou, the Founder of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance – Nicki Keohohou
Working from home, women are the greatest force in MLM and Home Party Plan Companies. Learn how to build a company that serves and supports them.

Training Systems for MLM and Home Party Plan – David Taylor
MLM distributor training and home party plan consultant training become the most powerful avenues for creating growth and sustaining retention. Learn the essential elements of fast start training and success

MLM Recruiting For The Startup Company – David Taylor
Startup MLM companies can break even with 500 to 1,000 distributors. Learn the principles and methods for getting a fast start.

Distributor Retention for MLM and Home Party Plan – David Taylor
Solve the distributor retention problem by learning and applying MLM retention best practices. Home party companies have lower attrition than MLM, but the keys to success are the same.

Creating Effective Distributor Councils for MLM – Terrel Transtrum
MLM Distributor advisory councils can be a powerful tool. Learn the types of councils that work and how to organize and effectively conduct


Need help with your Recruiting & Retention?

1. Business Assessment and Consultation:Click here to request the complimentary consulatation and assessment form

Complete and return a brief assessment form. The assessment reveals the best practices you must follow to be successful, and helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses in each area. You’ll also share with us a little about your business concept. Once we receive the form back, we’ll schedule a complimentary follow-up consultation call where one of our Founders will provide valuable coaching, answer your questions, and give you their no nonsense assessment of your likelihood of success.

2. Ask An Expert:Click here to ask a mlm expert your most pressing question

Submit your most pressing question. You’ll receive a direct response from one of our Founders within 24 hours….no strings attached, no kidding.

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3. Purchase the LaunchSmart Start-Up Guide:

New for 2011, get the most comprehensive start-up guide and begin learning about the best practices that will lead to your success.


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