Software & Compliance for Network Marketing and Party Plan

By Terrel Transtrum, Co-founder, LaunchSmart™

The vehicle for transporting your company’s strategic plan into reality is network marketing software and operations. The success formula of the ages is Vision + Passion + Action = Success. The surest way to move to action is to use the right MLM software and implement sound operations. The best operations practices assure efficiency, productivity, speed and accuracy.

Generating recurring income is the most straightforward and well-understood management imperative of business operations. Decades of research and in-the-trenches work with network marketing companies have shaped the development matrix that guides the establishment of goals, design, management and competencies at three levels of operations: the organization level, the process level, and the performance level.

Designed to help entrepreneurial and early-stage companies, the LaunchSmart™ framework assists owners and executives to see into the future and to design the company on a foundation that will hold up under the strain of growth. Emphasizing best practices and proven competencies, the approach is to create a scalable operation that relies on processes and systems that are created and managed by people who wish to grow with the company.

In this article we will cover the following network marketing software and operations planning elements:

  • Operations
  • Staff Training and Development
  • MLM Software, party plan software, network marketing software


Network Marketing and Party Plan

This section will give you the checklist for creating your party plan operations plan and analyzing the unique elements of your operations that will sustain the launch of your venture.

Business is not an exact science, yet time and success (and failure) have confirmed that there are specific skills, techniques, and disciplines that are common to all thriving companies. At the core will always be found competent people following well-defined and documented processes.

This checklist will help you to examine and organize the processes that will support successful network marketing operations.

Operations Checklist & Key Considerations

  • Have we put in place performance standards and processes for the following:
    • Enrollment Processing
    • Order Processing
    • Payment Processing
    • Returns & Exchanges
    • Commission Processing
    • Customer Service Administration
    • Office Administration
  • Have we allowed sufficient lead time for acquiring a merchant account?
  • Will we maintain an operations manual with documented processes and checklists?
  • Do we have our plan for facilities and equipment:
    • Phone System
    • Hardware
    • Computer Network
    • Warehouse
    • Office Space and Configuration
  • Are business controls and administrative systems in place?
    • Accounting System
    • Inventory Software
    • Business Controls & Processes
    • Banking Relationships & Accounts
    • Business Insurance / Risk Management

ServiceQuest® Master Resource™

Using proprietary techniques, this unique online resource is a key-word searchable database with more than 1,500 business operations forms, scripts, standard operating procedures, process blueprints, job descriptions, and company tools that are 24/7 accessible. These are the forms, methods, standard operating procedures, checklists, and business best practices used by the best direct selling companies. Downloadable for easy editing and adaptation, this powerful system has everything you need to shorten learning curves, sharpen understanding, and create your company’s own operations with supporting documentation for your operations manual.

Terrel Transtrum is the founder of ServiceQuest® and co-founder of LaunchSmart™. As a network marketing consultant he also specializes in startup consulting for party plan companies, multilevel marketing, MLM and network marketing. He is an experienced advisor in MLM software, network marketing legal, party plan business, distributor recruiting and retention, operations and fulfillment and MLM legal.

(The content of this article is extracted from ServiceQuest® RetentionSmarts™ Modules. For more information on RetentionSmarts™ training and mentoring systems, contact a member of the LaunchSmart Team.)

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