• Once again I would like to thank you for your excellent support. Along with a stimulating and intense discussion the Powerstart Workshop consists of very comprehensive and informative documentation. Well done. Launchsmart is for every start-up, or mainstream company the ideal facility. Continue the good work.

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  • Terrel is a professional and an expert in this field. I have regularly consulted with him even outside of his contracted tasks. If they can help, they will. I have already considered this gentleman a friend more than a consultant. Because I know he will be there for us when we call.

    by Jocip Sarmiento – G3Tech
  • Thank you for your thoughtful advice and constant attention. Your project management has been a godsend. We had no idea that so much is involved in starting a new MLM, but you have helped us to save time and money, not to mention worry and aggravation.

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  • The LaunchSmart team provides concrete, easy-to-follow advice that gives new direct sales companies specific advice and useful tools needed to plan, launch and implement a business that is built for success. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with LaunchSmart as Winnie & Max continues to grow and evolve.

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