The Distributor Experience is Key

Interesting how ideas and resources come in waves.  In a concentrated period of only several months, I’ve been exposed to at least three publications that go right to the heart of the MLM distributor experience.  All three lines of thinking flow from Jan Carlson’s Moments of Truth, focusing on the emotional connections made at various phases of the customer experience.

We have been immersed since 1988 in studying the distributor experience–why they join, why they stay, and why they leave.  And it has all come full circle.  Why they join is often different from why they stay, both of which are different from why they leave.  And when you “pull the string” on what’s going on, the string goes taut when you discover the experiential elements of joining, staying around, and canceling autoship.

Today is one of those days that if someone were to ask me, “what’s the most important thing I could do when starting a new MLM company?” I would reply, “understand the experience, embrace the emotional perspectives of the new distributor, and build a company that meets the true needs.”  In every sense, it’s about creating a company with heart, and such a heart that connects with the hearts of those who follow you.

Sound corny?  Just take a look in the mirror, go real deep for a moment and ask yourself if you are much different than anybody else.  People basically want to be healthy, wealthy, successful, and happy.  When you create a path that makes the pursuit of these more bearable–or better yet, more possible–then you will find more and more people connecting with you.  And THAT’s how to succeed in starting and running a successful MLM.

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