The People of MLM Distributor Service

In the headquarters of network marketing and home party plan companies, everybody is a customer service agent.

Some have special assignments to work in accounting, marketing, and so forth.  The common profile of the people who work in the best customer Service Centers is very basic:

Description of the people to look for: “Hearts and Smarts”

  • Hearts that care
  • ->>Empathy (they feel what the caller feels and demonstrate that they feel it
  • ->>Affirm (they validate the person, no problem too big or too small; it it’s important to the caller, it’s important to us)
  • ->>Initiative (they take initiative, they are good at what they do)
  • Smarts
  • ->>Competent (they know the company, products, compensation, computers, how things work, and how to get things fixed)
  • ->>They can analyze and apply abstract concepts to come up with concrete results
  • ->>They have basic mathematical and analytical skills (this is often shown by grades that they earned in math and algebra, in computer skills and interests, etc.)
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