Web Training for MLM Companies

In the course of our work as MLM consultants, we regularly make recommendations for our clients to implement.  The path to implementation is often the most challenging aspect of any executive’s responsibility.

Over the months and years of working closely with the greatest MLM companies on the planet, we have to apologize that we’ve not been on our best game when it comes to giving our clients the solutions for reaching distributors with training.  We have simply supposed that clients will create their own training systems into which we can insert our recommended solutions.

Like lights switching on, we have had the bright realization that one of the best ways we can serve our clients is to provide the vehicle that makes training work for them.  So, that’s what we are doing.  Online training tools and resources are tricky.  Our clients learn that the hard way, and so have we.

In coming blogs, I’ll share what I’m learning about the use of web training for MLM companies.  As an MLM consultant, I’m only as effective as our clients who reach their staff and distributors with the training we create for them.  Come back often and I’ll share what I’m learning about web training for MLM distributors.  The good news for readers is that we are actually doing it, and we’ll share everything we are learning with you.

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