What must I do in order to launch on time?

A detailed launch plan is accomplished in a variety of ways, whether they take the form of checklists, spreadsheets, or the more complex Gantt Charts using project management software and tools. Each action in a well-defined launch plan is a milestone. This is where your plan becomes a real plan, with specific and measurable activities, instead of just the documented strategic and business plans.

Give the launch plan as many milestones as you can think of to make it more concrete. Give each milestone a name, a person responsible, a milestone date, and a budget. Then make sure that all your people know that you will be following the plan and tracking plan – vs. – actual results. If you don’t follow up, your plan will not be implemented.

The plans we have created over the years have been designed using Microsoft® Project, a useful tool for organizing the plan. The LaunchSmart™ Launch Plan is available in Microsoft® Project file and in a standard Excel spreadsheet. Whether you use a software program, a spreadsheet, or a notebook, each element of the launch plan should be listed and explained in the related text, along with relevant details.

MLM Startup Launch Plan Checklist & Key Considerations

  • Have we organized our launch plan with milestones and project timelines?
  • Does the launch plan specify key dates, accountabilities, and budgets?
  • Does the launch plan permit tracking planned vs. actual results?
  • Does the plan adjust for contingencies and unforeseen delays?
  • How will the plan be implemented and measured?
  • What method and tools will we use to track the launch plan details?
  • Does the startup plan include the lead times for preparing the MLM compensation plan?
  • Are the hostess rewards plans and consultant incentives and compensation built into the plan?
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