What To Look For In A MLM Startup Consultant

MLM Startup ConsultantI was recently asked, “as an MLM Startup Consultant, will you please tell me how I can differentiate myself in the direct selling market?”

The first thought was that one of the reasons for early business failure is the lack of real differentiation (read: lack of unique value propositions).  Thinking as an MLM startup consultant, I realize quickly there is plenty of noise and chaos by those without uniqueness fighting for the table scraps.  This seems to be a slow killer of direct selling businesses.

Aware of this condition, you can address the true value you bring to the table which is unique and different from others in the marketplace.  The most efficient starting point is at your “why.”  Why are you in business?  Why are you spending time and money to create your business?  If your answer is, “to make profits,” then keep digging.  Otherwise, there is no real differentiation.

When you put a finger on it, eureka!  Bluegreen Resorts starts with their “why” . . . To Share Happiness.  Melaleuca proclaims, “to enhance lives by helping people reach their goals.”  ServiceQuest cries, “unleash and empower freedom!”  This is our why.  Start with the why and discover how the unique differentiator flows from there.

The futurist Simon Sinek reminds us that people don’t buy “what” you offer, they buy “why” you offer it.  As a busy MLM Startup Consultant, I encourage you to start each day of your journey at the starting point—declare your “why” and spend the day building it.

Terrel Transtrum is Founder and CEO of ServiceQuest, a global consulting and training firm specializing in MLM and direct selling.  terrel@servicequest.com

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