Who Wrote the Book of MLM?

More and more, I see claims from emerging authors and MLM consultants that they “wrote the book” on Direct Selling.  Makes me scratch my head.

There are some good writings on aspects of MLM and Home Party Plan business.  In the aggregate, however, they still are only fragments of a great body of work that has yet to be created.  The Book on MLM is being researched by a few thousand companies who are actually doing it, learning what works and what doesn’t work.  MLM and Home Party Plan comprise “direct selling” (in our way of referring to it), and they are largely social experiments that are working!

All good things have an evil twin.  If you’ve heard the negative about illegal pyramids and MLM scams, the pull the string and you’ll find on the other end of the spectrum are glorious, vibrant companies doing good.  Products that have a story to tell can make their way instantly into the marketplace if someone will tell that story.  That’ the essence of direct selling – paying people to sell your products by telling the story.  And the growing collection of those stories is truly the “book of direct selling,” or the definitive works comprising the Book of MLM and the Book of Home Party Plan.

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