4 Ways Consulting Beats Selling for Increasing Revenue

Business man pointing to transparent board with text: ComplianceMany business owners will say they provide consulting, when what they really provide is a sales pitch. In most cases though, genuine consulting typically trumps selling when it comes to increasing business revenue and here’s why:

  1. Through consulting, you gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs because you are practicing active listening to truly understand the customer’s current situation as well as his or her long and short-term goals. This opens the door for you to offer far more services than may have initially been apparent.
  1. In consulting you put your customer’s needs first. You understand that while you may not have a “fix” for every problem, you can help them meet their overall goals by referring them to a trusted partner, providing leads from your network, or providing advice based upon your industry experience.
  1. Through consulting, you build trust and long-term relationships, which leads to stronger communication, more positive word of mouth/social media buzz and higher customer retention. You essentially become the customer’s “go-to” source so you are part of every conversation and therefore in the best position to recognize opportunities to fulfill customer needs over time.
  1. With consulting, because you gain a better understanding of the bigger picture, you can often discern ways to vertically integrate services and better serve your entire customer base.

While making a “quick sale” is enticing, the long term gains that can be realized from true consulting are often far more rewarding!


by Wendy M. Yurgo
President & CEO, Metrics Global, Inc.

Recently featured in ISO & Agent Magazine, Wendy Yurgo gives frequent lectures on merchant services and enjoys cooking and writing in her spare time.

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