Connection is the Key to MLM Success

In the past few months, I’ve realized more than ever that connection is key in MLM and Home Party Plan success.

For instance, at the Michigan offices of ItWorks ( we defined the primary role of the head of distributor relations in a single word: Connect.  This encompasses virtually everything associated with communication, starting with what we coined as the “4 Cs of a Communications Plan.”  Here they are:

  1. Calendar (when are the communications scheduled, leaving room for ad hoc / on-the-fly updates)
  2. Constituents (who is the target, including customers, autoship accounts, distributors, leaders, hostesses, etc,)
  3. Content
  4. Channel (email, inserts, conference calls, web posts, etc.)

At our offices in Idaho Falls, we are guiding a new client through the intense planning and training associated with their MLM startup.  They have an amazing new product, a team that is assembling in the field (already 500+ pre-registered distributors), and a vision that is values-based and that will reach people at the heart-level.

We identified three connections that they will be striving to make as they launch their MLM.  The 1st Connection is at the top-of-mind level, where people will listen to their message long enough and intent enough that they will decide to give the product (and the company) a try.

The 2nd Connection happens when new customers and distributors in this promising MLM startup learn that the company shares many of the same values.

The 3rd Connection, which comes as a result, is the loyalty and commitment that the company receives back.  The long-term effect quickly becomes obvious, as loyalty then forms the foundation of the enduring relationship.

Connection is the key to success in MLM startups, Home Party Plan companies, and long-term business with distributor retention.

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