Here Comes the MLM Boom!

Here comes the MLM Boom!

It’s that time of year, when MLM and Home Party companies are gathering around the country in conferences and conventions.  As summer vacations come to a close, MLM and Home Party representatives are getting ready to open for business!

MLM and Home Party distributors have done well during the recession, and September through November are traditionally peak months for enrolling and selling.  It’s also the time of year when people begin to stay home and socialize there, rather than going out and spending more money.  In 2009, retail sales fell around 9 percent, according to DSA’s statistics; direct sales fell as well, but only by 4 percent. In 2010, direct sales actually rose slightly, from $28.33 billion to $28.56 billion.  In 2011, levels continued to increase to nearly $30 billion.

Amy Robinson is Vice President of Communications for the Direct Selling Association.  She says, “During a recession, people are spending money, but they’re spending it a little bit differently.  A woman who maybe buys a $200 suit every season may instead decide to buy a $25 necklace to accessorize what she already has.”

At the height of the recession from 2008 to 2010, the number of direct sellers jumped from 15.1 million to 16.1 million, before adjusting to 16.1 million sellers last year.  It’s still a powerful indicator of the strength of direct selling.  Direct selling companies are always hiring!  Startup kits range anywhere from $19 to $199, and a person can get started immediately when the idea sparks their imagination and dreams.

At LaunchSmart, we continue to observe a steep increase in the number and frequency of visitors and inquiries at our website.  Entrepreneurs want to know what it takes to start a company, bounce their ideas against our executive sounding board, and use all of our resources to help them start and operate a successful MLM company or home party company.

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