Kiiera Convention a Big Success

I’m in Los Angeles at the Kiiera offices, working with the distributor service team. Today’s mix of callers want the scoop from last week’s meeting, details on the Success Pack and Pro Pack, a few policy questions, and occasionally “can you tell me when my order should be arriving?” Forever, callers will want to know, “how much will my check be in January?”

Our training is going well with a mix of group discussion on handling cancellation requests and some detail work on policy administration—how to get consistent as a team when we are asked questions about some of our most important distributor policies.

Between activities, I’m working up a series of email responses that go to prospects who respond to Kiiera’s web marketing campaign. The basic approach is to meet the responder on their terms as part of our lead conversion system.

Typical MLM startup consulting day!

Back to work!

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