10 Steps Towards Launch! Part 1 - Strategy

The following is part 1 in our 10-part series entitled “10 Steps Towards Launch!” by Terrel Transtrum, President/Founder of ServiceQuest. If you are thinking about starting a new direct selling company, contact us today!

The first of ten business segments that we help our clients to analyze is STRATEGY.  This important segment of MLM launch planning centers around the MLM Strategic Plan, which is the roadmap for starting and running a successful MLM business.

 Best practices within this MLM launch planning segment include the following:


  • Creating a Powerful Strategic Plan
  • Understanding why the Owners are Starting an MLM business
  • Setting the Right Launch Date and Leveraging the Launch Phases
  • Framing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Creating an Accurate Growth and Financial Forecast
  • Creating a Distributor-Centric Enterprise to Always Assure Happy Distributors
  • MLM Business Objectives & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Working With Your Advisory Team to Achieve Success at Each Stage
  • MLM Pilot Programs and Test Parties
  • Structuring The Operations and Strategic Voice


Here are examples of descriptions that you might write for your MLM Launch Best Practice:


  1. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – We have a crystal clear understanding of what people are really buying from us and why they buy it from us and not from someone else, and we have identified our core product(s) / flagship offering upon which our company will build.
  2. Forecast – We have a written forecast in which we are confident that the key growth, operational, and financial assumptions and cash flow present a solid plan that has been reviewed by experienced “outside eyes.”
  3. Orientation – We have a comprehensive staff orientation training system designed to help our staff experience a strong and supportive introduction to our culture, our commitment to distributor / consultant success, and the knowledge and skills that are crucial for their growth and development.

Each of these best practices will have a checklist to implement, helping you to make sure that your MLM business is on solid footing. For more information, contact Terrel Transtrum terrel@launchsmart.com

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