Trend - Traditional Companies Expand Through Direct Selling

We spent January 22, 2009 in exciting meetings with the executives of a Fortune 100 company.  The topic?  Expanding their traditional, non-MLM business – through a new MLM division.

We are seeing this as a new trend.  Many “traditional” businesses are catching the direct selling fever.  Most create a new brand (that leverages their current brand) and a distinct product line that won’t directly compete with their current product lines.  Sometimes the “new” product line can be created just by re-labeling or combining products in a different way.

These companies have a huge leg up because they already know so much about their customer base and they have an existing product line and infrastructure that they can leverage.  All they need to do is learn the in’s and out’s of the exciting and peculiar world of direct selling!

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    Just received the enrollment numbers of this MLM startup, a division of a Fortune 100 Company, for its first two weeks since launch. These are impressive numbers, and they are for real. By the way, as a rule of thumb, most healthy companies achieve monthly break-even with 1,000 to 1,500 active accounts. Aug 12 – 22 distributors Aug 13 – 24 Aug 14 – 37 Aug 18 – 86 Aug 19 – 153 Aug 20 – 243 Aug 21 – 392 Aug 22 – 431 Aug 24 – 488 Aug 25 – 548 Aug 26 – 719 Aug 27 – 746 Aug 28 – 996 Aug 29 – 1,021 Aug 31 – 1,065 Sep 1 – 1,086

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